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To further enhance the ecology of our local environment UCAN members are also involved in the below schemes that are currently being spearheaded by Oldham Council:


Oldhams Tree Eco Survey Assessing Oldhams Urban Forest Effects and Values:


Oldham Council has teamed up with Treeconomics, i tree, and FCHO to undertake the biggest single tree survey in Oldhams history. The aim of the survey is to establish the distribution, age, health, species mix, structural and ecosystem value of Oldhams urban tree stock.


Volunteers will work as part of a team supervised by Oldhams tree professionals and will be responsible for surveying 200 randomly selected plots across the borough.

The findings of this survey will be written up into a full report which will help formulate the future management strategies for Oldhams urban tree stock.

Click the link below to download a copy of the project details:





Oldham Tree Warden Scheme:


Tree Wardens are volunteers from the community who have an interest in trees and want to get involved in all aspects of tree management. The tree warden groups work closely with The Councils Arboricultural team and other local groups and bodies who are key to the success of their various schemes.


Here is a list of the types of things a Tree Warden may get involved with;

  • Woodland management

  • Planting and maintenance of new trees

  • Champion their local trees and woods

  • Seed collection and growing trees

  • Tree surveys and data collection

  • Involve their neighbours in tree projects

  • Spearhead Council tree related initiatives

  • Organise field trips

  • Involve schools and children and educate.

  • Change attitudes and behaviours regarding trees

  • Organise events

  • Seek third party funding and run fundraising events

  • Provide extra eyes and ears in their neighbourhoods


Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Environmental Services on 0161 770 4067 or by e-mail at or in writing to Tree Wardens, Alexandra Park, Kings Road, Oldham, OL8 2BH.



Tree Eco Survey & Tree Warden Scheme: